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Yellow Barn Concert: Fujikura, Mackey, Takemitsu, Fauré


07/15/2021 00:00

Music for voice, electric guitar, strings, winds, harp, and piano

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Event Details

Date: 07/15/2021 00:00

Start time: 20:00

End time: 22:00

Venue: The Big Barn

Address: 49 Main Street, Putney, VT, 05346


Dai Fujikura (b.1977) The Voice (2007)
Yen-Chen Wu, bassoon; Natasha Brofksy, cello

Steven Mackey (b.1956) Humble River (1996-7)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1757-1791) Movements from the four flute quartets (1777-8)
Antonina Styczen, flute; Julia Mirzoev, violin; Emily Brandenburg, viola; Jeffrey Ho, cello
Patrick Tsuji, flute; Randall Goosby, violin; Nicholas Mann, viola; Madelyn Kowalski, cello


Steven Mackey (b.1956) Cairn (1994)
Steven Mackey, electric guitar

Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996) And then I knew twas Wind (1992)
Patrick Tsuji, flute; Katherine Murdock, viola; Charles Overton, harp

Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924) Cello Sonata No. 2, Op.117 (1921)
Jean-Michel Fonteneau, cello; Anna Han, piano

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