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We Have A Voice!



PWC’s Spring 2021 Virtual Concert

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Event Details

Date: 05/16/2021

Start time: 16:00

End time: 23:59

Venue: Online via Youtube

Address: , Palo Alto, , 94303


I have a voiceit trembles and it shakes like thunder. Moira Smiley

The past year has forced us to endure hardships and isolation, and the pandemic has magnified deeply rooted inequality and injustice. We have sung for more than a year, together, yet separated by screens. As we carry on boldly into the spring of 2021, the Peninsula Womens Chorus offers a message of resilience: we are stronger when we march together, and when we continue to join our voices with those around us.

Under the leadership of Interim Artistic Director Corie Brown, the PWC voices our response to crisis and our emergence into hope through the music of six North American composers. From Randall Thompsons deeply poignant setting of the Frost poem Come In that explores humanity at the crossroads of grief and hope, to the ethereal Dolce Cantavi by Caroline Shaw, we reflect on themes of isolation, fear, and light. Spoken poetry written in response to our time is woven together with We Shall Be Known by Mamuse and the vivacious and fierce I Have a Voice by Moira Smiley, who adapted the piece for our virtual choir. Both offer a bold declaration of what we can do through embodied singing, and through the return to and reaffirmation of our core values of connection and community.

Sing with us, move with us, shout with us from all corners of the world we DO have a voice!

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