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Trancers 35mm / Deathcheaters 16mm


06/27/2021 00:00

Double Feature at Music Box

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Event Details

Date: 06/27/2021 00:00

Start time: 19:30

End time: 23:30

Venue: Music Box Theatre

Address: 3733 N Southport Ave., Chicago, IL, 60613


Trancers 35mm

“Tim Thomerson (DOLLMAN; ZONE TROOPERS) thunders into his iconic role of time-traveling bounty cop Jack Deth in this sizzling slab of straight-up psychic sci-fiyahhh. The year is 2247 A.D! When Deth learns that a mind-controlling madman has whipped back three centuries to the mid-1980s, he shatters the time barrier to bring him back, dead or alive. But what Deth isnt counting on is an army of obstacles including laser assassins, a drunk in a Santa suit, and a crew of knuckle-dragging punks listening to a hardcore version of Jingle Bells! Yep, its a Christmas movie, the most harrowingly hectic holiday blast of them all. With a young Helen Hunt (TWISTER) as Deths 20th century new wave partner, its a ten-fisted neonized post-nuke noir that will enslave your brain while you party like its 1985!”

Deathcheaters 16mm

Presented in an extremely rare IB Tech 16mm print.

“Deathcheaters is a 1976 Australian action adventure film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring John Hargreaves and Grant Page.

Steve (John Hargreaves) and Rodney (Grant Page) are two ex-Vietnam commandos who do stunt work for television. They are hired by the Australian government to raid the island stronghold of a Filipino racketeer and secure papers from his safe. But first, they have to complete some training…”

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