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The Return of Music Festivals – Interview with Lance Cauble
The Return of Music Festivals – Interview with Lance Cauble

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The Return of Music Festivals – Interview with Lance Cauble

Here’s an easy, no brainer business plan. Get a couple hundred acres of property out in the country, ideally near a river or a lake, add a couple of porta-pottys, install and few faucets, and throw out some inner-tubes, and now you’ve got a campground. Now, invite event promoters to rent your property to organize their own music festivals or adventure events. Make it a policy that everyone has to leave the grounds just as they found them. Give everyone a colored wristband to signal to others what is the comfort level with distancing. Then, just let them do their thing. You wouldn’t hardly have to hire your own staff, and since its your personal property, you won’t be under the same scrutiny as public venues. It seems almost fail safe, right? My guest in this episode, Lance Cauble of Water Mountain Camping Grounds in Belle MO, can answer that because that’s exactly what he and his wife did in 2016. Lance was probably one of the fews places in MO that could operate last year, and they seem to be getting bookings again for summer. But is it really the working vacation life that it sounds cracked up to be? 




When most people think of defiant music, they think of punk rock or outlaw country. But defying genres while transcending eras and resisting clichés...

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