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Summer Series: Spiritual Leadership in the Secular World



A transformational community learning space for spiritual and faith-centered humans seeking authentic opportunities to explore the connection(s) between faith, work, and leadership.

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Date: 06/09/2021

Start time: 17:30

End time: 19:30

Venue: Location to be Disclosed After Purchase (Simsbury, CT)

Address: Location to be Disclosed After Purchase (Simsbury, CT), Simsbury, CT, 06070


Reloveution invites people from all spiritual traditions and perspectives to this special community learning series during which we will explore the intersection between our faith, beliefs, and traditions and our work and leadership in the secular world. Often, discussions about spirituality in work contexts are considered taboo. However, we know that many professionals are driven by their worldviews and guided by a responsibility to powers/forces/energies that are bigger than they are. This series is designed for them. This series is designed for you.

During the series, we will explore the nature of vocation and calling, learn about the tenets of spiritual leadership, and deepen our understanding of our spiritual gifts. We will also discuss how these show up in our work and leadership, and consider ways to be anchored in our beliefs even when worldly forces threaten to intervene or interrupt.

None of this series content will be delivered with a particular religious tradition or lens.We will all come with our own truths, values, and perspectives, and we will work to translate these beliefs into language we can all understand. That said, there is no need to belong to a church, temple, masjid, or any official religious/faith group to join us. It is also not required for you to be sure of your beliefs or what your spirituality is. Come if you are curious. Come if you are struggling. Come to learn, to be in community, and to consider ways to connect your leadership and work to a Higher Truth. If you are called to be with us, you belong with us!

Gatherings will held outdoors from 5:30-7:30pm in Simsbury, CT on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the summer months (June-September)

Each gathering will include:
-fellowship and community time
-a learning segment, activity, and discussion on a specific theme
-an opportunity to break bread together over healthy food from local restaurants

Because participation is limited, we ask that people sign up only if they commit to attending more than half of the scheduled sessions. Participants are invited to send a guest in their place should circumstances prohibit their attendance.

To ensure the safety of our participants, gatherings will comply with all CT state laws and recommendations from the CDC. The group will be limited to twelve people and all activities will take place outdoors. In the case of rain or inclement weather, gatherings will be moved to be virtual.

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