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Sociocracy for Intentional Communities and Member-Led Groups



Governance for self-managed groups. A series taught by Diana Leafe Christian.

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Date: 05/10/2021

Start time: 20:00

End time: 22:00

Venue: Zoom (DLC Webinars)

Address: , Black Mountain, , 28711


Sociocracy is an especially effective and enjoyable self-governance and decision-making method that instructor Diana Leafe Christian now highly recommends for cohousing communities, ecovillages, and other kinds of intentional communities as well as other member-led groups.

If a group uses what Diana calls all seven parts of sociocracy, they can experience:
(1) Better meetings
(2) Getting more done
(3) Being better organized
(4) Feeling more harmonious and better connected to other community members

“Learning sociocracy in Dianas webinar and using it in our urban ecovillage has easily been the most powerful catalyst to help our community thrive.” – Jordan Lindsay, Teal House, Calgary. Sociocracy Course, Jan-March, 2020

The course is 35 to 45 hours of visual learning and practice with six different learning activities.

(1) Watch-ahead videos of Diana drawing graphics while she presents material.

(2) Graphic-rich, read-ahead handouts to further illuminate each weeks topic, and a short quiz about that weeks topic participants can use as a self-quiz or send to check their answers.

(3) Optional: If desired, participants can talk about what they just learned with another webinar participant on Zoom. The person they talk with will be randomly chosen and they will meet a different person each week.

(4) A two-hour lively practice session each week, practicing with the whole group and also in small breakout groups with other webinar participants.

(5) Responses to any questions or comments emailed to Diana about sociocracy during the course and for a year afterwards.

(6) Access to all course videos and handouts for a year after the course. During that year Diana will respond to questions to provide any additional help needed.

Weekly topics:

(1) May 10: Sociocracy Overview, and Feedback Questions in Proposals
(2) May 17: The Circle Structure: Vision, Mission, Domain, Aims, Links
(3) May 24: Consent Decision-Making, Part One (Mission Circle/Top Circle/Board Circle)
(4) May 31: Consent Decision-Making, Part Two (Four Roles in Two Kinds of Meetings)
(5) Jun 7: Consent Decision-Making, Part Three; Selecting People for Roles, Part
One (Policy Meetings and Work “Operations” Meetings)
(6) Jun 14: Selecting People for Roles, Part Two; Proposal Forming, Part One
(7) Jun 21: Proposal Forming, Part Two (& The Circle Log)
(8) Jun 28: Proposal Forming, Part Three; Role-Improvement Feedback, Part One
(& Three Aspects of a Healthy, Thriving Community)
(9) Jul 5: Role-Improvement Feedback, Part Two; Consenting to Circle Members;
Implementing Sociocracy, Part One
(10) Jul 12: Implementing Sociocracy, Part Two

“I’ve never seen a community meeting be so effective, efficient, and fun!” said a visitor to Harts Mill Ecovillage in North Carolina, a community using sociocracy.

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