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Siren Song, by Amy Lytle Springer – Wednesday Night Lab Reading #5



Summer 2021 Playwright’s Lab Event

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Event Details

Date: 07/28/2021

Start time: 19:00

End time: 21:00

Venue: Hollins Playwright's Lab on Zoom

Address: , Roanoke, , 24020


Again this summer, due to ongoing pandemic restrictions the Wednesday night readings, which are open to the public, will be conducted via ZOOM with audio only.

Tonight’s reading is of Siren Song, by Amy Lytle Springer.

May ye be safe from the lure of the sirens song.
A young siren, Aura, must participate in her tribes rite of passage ritual: drowning a man on her own. She finds the perfect specimen, a young sailor named Jayce, but falls for him instead of completing her vows to her tribe. After returning to her tribes island, she learns of a horror beyond her imagination that she must fight to resolve. Will Aura succeed in her mission to protect her tribe? Can she choose love of her sailor over her nature as a siren? This ethereal oceanic musical will take you on a quest unlike any other.


After making your reservation, you will get an email with a confirmation of your request, but it won’t include the Zoom link or event instructions. YOU WILL GET AN EMAIL ABOUT AN HOUR BEFORE THE EVENT WITH THE LINK TO THE PERFORMANCE and any additional directions specific to the event.

You can join the event up to 15 minutes before the start time. Running time is approximately two hours, including the Q&A. DON’T LIVE ON THE EAST COAST? PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE TIME DIFFERENCE!

These readings, which are early drafts of student-written plays, are presented as part of the Playwrights Lab course. The reading is followed by a two-tier feedback session. The first tier is based on the Liz Lerman Critical Response, with the playwright taking notes on audience reactions to things that worked, questions they feel are still unanswered, things that didn’t work as well as the strengths we identified earlier, and questions that the playwright might have. The second tier of feedback is closed, and only students registered for the course and faculty attend. This session is less structured and playwrights can engage with commenters directly. In this way, students are exposed to both kinds of feedback so that they have a nurturing environment as well as preparation for the more raw responses one could encounter in a review or blog comments.

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