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Pauly Jail Ghost Hunt


10/03/2021 00:00

Pauly Jail Ghost Hunt

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Event Details

Date: 10/03/2021 00:00

Start time: 20:30

End time: 04:00

Venue: Pauly Jail

Address: 101 Conecuh Ave, Union Springs, AL, 36089


Our ghost hunts at Pauly Jail are certain to push the limits of your resolve.

The ominous Pauly Jail is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Alabama.

Disembodied voices, strange sounds, and multiple apparitions are reported throughout the building.

Location History:

In the small, historic town of Union Springs, Alabama stands an intimidating structure.

This red brick, three story building serves as a gateway to haunting reminders of violence and death.

Youve just been booked into the Pauly Jail, an imposing castle of Victorian and gothic architecture which stands as one of the oldest surviving places of confinement in the State of Alabama.

In 1897, a replacement was needed for the original Bullock County Jail in Union Springs, Alabama. A contract was given to the Pauly Jail Company, who built the structure now known as Pauly Jail, at a cost of $7,250.

The new jail contained better security, a second floor with eating quarters, and a third floor with a gallows and trap door, which can still be seen today. The early 1900s saw numerous prisoners hanged from the gallows at Pauly Jail.

Pauly Jail was involved in one of the seven documented lynchings that occurred in Bullock County from 1889 to 1921.

An African American man named Aberdeen Johnson was suspected of raping a white woman in the presence of her two children in the town of Goshen, approximately 30 miles away from Union Springs. Johnson was later found hiding near the Union Springs racetrack.

Johnson was taken to Pauly Jail to await transfer to Goshen for his alleged crime. On April 2, 1911, a dozen men arrived by train to Union Springs, attacked and handcuffed sheriff P.W. Jinright, and locked him in the adjacent courthouse.

The men then demanded a local blacksmith to use tools to break into Pauly Jail. The blacksmith broke down three security doors with a sledgehammer before breaching the door to Aberdeen Johnsons cell.

The mob took Aberdeen Johnson from the jail and marched him two miles down the road near a railroad track. Johnson was then hung from a tree while the man shot more than 150 bullets into his body.

This lynching resulted in the National Guard descending on Union Springs and Sheriff Jinright being impeached and removed from office for doing too little to keep Aberdeen Johnson secure.

Numerous deaths have occurred inside the jail, such as that of JW Mann, who accidentally burned to death in his cell on Christmas Eve of 1960. The Pauly Jail was eventually considered inadequate and replaced by a newer, more modern facility in 1984. After a full renovation in the year 2000 and serving as a film set for the movie Heavens Fall in 2004, the Pauly Jail now houses the Bullock County Jail Museum.

The Paranormal:

Our ghost hunts at Pauly Jail are certain to push the limits of your resolve.

The ominous Pauly Jail is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Alabama.

Disembodied voices, strange sounds, and multiple apparitions are reported throughout the building.

Commonly reported activity includes a heavy swinging sound, which many think can be attributed to a man who hung himself in one of the upstairs cells.

The apparition of a man with a noose around his neck is also seen on the third floor.

Another apparition believed to be that of JW Mann has been seen around the prison.

Disembodied voices, strange sounds, and other apparitions are reported throughout the jail.

Every floor of the haunted Pauly Jail is stained with the energy of those who met sometimes cruel and violent fates inside this ominous structure.

Are you ready to book yourself into the historic and macabre Pauly Jail, and find out just who or what may be doing time alongside you?

Or perhaps take a trip to the gallows, and as you think about those who were executed, see if you may encounter those who never left?

This trip to jail may be one you wont soon forget!

What’s Included:

Your ghost hunt at Pauly Jail includes the following:

Exclusive Overnight Access to the most haunted areas.

Ghost Hunting Vigils.

Structured Vigils.

Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team.

Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters.

Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils.

Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Coffee, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.

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