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PAD IAAO 600-Principles & Techniques of Cadastral Mapping



IAAO 600 September 20-24-2021

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Event Details

Date: 09/20/2021

Start time: 08:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: IAAO Zoom Class

Address: , Lincoln, , 68509


Good morning all,

PAD has completed the contracts between IAAO and the instructors for both IAAO 300 and IAAO 600 classes that are being offered in 2021. Both classes will be held virtually and the registrations will be open nationally. Based on this information, the option to pay by credit card is being removed from the registration process and the registrations will close 20 days prior to the start of the classes. This will assist PAD in determining a final cost for the classes and allow you all time to submit payment prior to the start of the classes.

Class costs are based on the total costs to PAD and estimated by how many students may be attending. By posting the classes for nationwide registrations the cost could decrease significantly. The initial cost per student will be $550 for IAAO 300 and $650 for IAAO 600. These costs are based on 15 registrants, and will be reduced if more than 15 participants register timely. The cost increase for IAAO 600 is due to IAAO increasing fees, which will become effective July 1, 2021.

The registrations have been pended on Brown Paper Tickets for them to approve and activate. Once this is done the registrations will be opened through 20 days prior the start of the class, for a final cost determination.When the registrations open, PLEASE refer to the instructions so the registrations are complete and accurate. This is especially important with classes being open nationally.
Principles and Techniques of Cadastral Mapping is intended to be a comprehensive, interactive program to introduce entry-level map maintenance personnel and assessment technicians to the field of cadastral mapping. Students are presented basic mapping principles and techniques and are expected to demonstrate basic skills that will allow them to plot deeded descriptions in both the metes and bounds land description system and the Public Land Survey System. Principles and Techniques of Cadastral Mapping utilize lectures, classroom discussion, and exercises to emphasize the main concepts and procedures taught in the course. For more information about this course, please review the Course Information Packet.

“You will need a built-in or external webcam, a private and quiet place to take the exam, and a reliable internet connection. Additionally, please review ProctorFree’s technical requirements ( for the software and ensure you can download an application on the computer you will be taking the test on. The links for this information are located on our Website.

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