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Outer Roominations 2021



An outdoor celebration of site specific art

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Event Details

Date: 05/31/2021

Start time: 11:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: The Bluff

Address: 2550 Table Bluff Rd, Loleta, CA, 95551


Outer Roominations | May 29-31 | Table Bluff

Its time to come out, Humboldt. After the most peculiar year any of us have ever experienced, you are invited to emerge from your abodes to once again engage with art, nature and your community during Outer Roominations, a weekend of outdoor, site-specific art installations and curious performances that will hopefully remind you that life can be simultaneously weird and fun.

It turns out a global pandemic can be hard on the arts. Over the last year, without COVID-safe locations to create in, artists have been separated from their audiences, while patrons have been deprived of experiencing art. At Outer Roominations, we will be offering Humboldt artists some acreage on Table Bluff to play around on while allowing arts lovers a new and different setting to appreciate their work, all while still taking into account the safety realities were still facing. Outer Roominations attendees will have the opportunity to meander through our outdoor installation art museum and to enjoy music and performance art amidst the lushness of Table Bluff.

Outer Roominations takes place Memorial Day weekend, May 29-31, on Table Bluff Road, a 15-minute drive south of Eureka. Tickets will be sold by time slot (to reduce crowding and allow for a safer, more relaxed experience for all).

Disclaimer: Portions of the Outer Roominations experience take place on a steep, uneven approximately half-mile long trail. Hiking shoes and walking sticks are encouraged. If you enjoy a modest hike, then this trail will be within your comfort zone. That said, there are still many aspects of the event that can be enjoyed by anyone and special assistance getting around the site may be available on request.

Guests are encouraged to bring a blanket and snacks for an ocean-view picnic following their tour.
Artists include:Nancy Tobin, Bernadette Vielbig, Laura Corsiglia, Gus Clark, Tigger Bouncer Custodio, Laura Muñoz, The Sanctuary, Tayloranne Finch/Daniel Nickerson/Cowtown Serenaders, Blake Reagan, Lucas Thornton, House of Nice/Rachel & Caroline Griffith, Melody Collver, Feralferal/Leslie Castellano/Kevin Dockery, Marina Lopez, Rachel Sanders, Taylor Snowberger, Benjamin Funke, Heather Luther, Marjo, Medicine Baul, Isadora Frances Sharon, Hayal, Mango, Dorian Daneau, Lindsay Lacewell Kessner….
Your ticket contribution supports the artists in your community.

Live performances: In additional to site specific art that will be on-site for the duration, these live performances will be taking place throughout the weekend. You may want to purchase your ticket for a time slot that aligns with a performance you want to see.

Saturday May 29
11-3: Tigger
12-1: Medicine Baul
2-3: feralferal
2-3: John Hardin
3-7: Laura Muñoz
3-4: Hayal
5-6: Hayal
6-8:30 :Marjo
(All day-Benjamin Funke and Lindsay Lacewell Kessner)

Sunday May 30
11-3: Tigger
1-3: feralferal
1-3: Medicine Baul
2-4: Cowtown Serenaders
3-5: Josh/boo
3:30-4:30: John Hardin
5-7: feralferal
5-7:medicine Baul

Monday May 31
11-1: feralferal
1-3: medicine Baul and Monte Merrick, Perfect Room

This event is produced by local artist collective Synapsis, a DreamMaker Project of The Ink People. 10% of ticket sales will be given as an honor tax to the Wiyot Tribe.

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