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Interview With Frank Caiati: Art Finds A Way
Interview With Frank Caiati: Art Finds A Way

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Interview With Frank Caiati: Art Finds A Way

Everyone has a ritual. For some, it’s going to church or temple every week. For some, it’s going to the gym. And for others, like the supporters of Rockaway Theatre Company in Queens,  it’s experiencing art in some form or another. My guest today is Frank Caiati, actor and performer, recently turned instructor, talks about his theater company discovered in 2020 exactly what they meant to their community, and what deep connections they had with their audiences.  When the pandemic forced entertainment venues into lockdown, the members of Rockaway Theatre opened their windows, and found they could connect with audiences offering classes online, not even related to acting. And in doing so, they challenged themselves as artists in ways they might never have thought to do. You see, art isn’t just entertainment. It’s another very powerful way that we all get to experience being a part of life. And in one of the most divisive times in our recent history, some artists are stepping up to remind us that like life itself, Art finds a way.




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