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Don Giovanni at Mission Opera



Mission Opera presents Mozart’s ‘DON GIOVANNI’

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Date: 10/03/2021

Start time: 20:00

End time: 16:00

Venue: Los Angeles Mission College (AMP Theater)

Address: 13356 Eldridge Avenue, Sylmar, CA, 91342


Our originally scheduled production of May 29-31 at Los Angeles Mission College has been postponed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and has been rescheduled for September 2020, pending government mandates and directives.

Mission Opera brings Mozart’s ‘Don Giovanni’ to life in a modern day interpretation of womanizing and abuse of power in Hollywood, in the 21st century.

The setting is a 2010 Hollywood Casting/Production Studio. The show opens with a dream and ends with Don Giovannis schizophrenia leading to his suicide. We are left to decide if Anna, Ottavio and the Commandatore really exist, or if they are simply figments of Giovannis imagination. This is our new take on the following characters:

Don Giovanni – played by CARSON GILMORE and JOHANN SCHRAM REED – A Harvey Weinstein-type casting director, over-sexed, inappropriate, and uses his position and power to leverage young ladies trying to get cast in Hollywood

Leporello – played by PHIL MEYER and PATRICK BLACKWELL (Esteban Perez-Rivas, cover) – His personal assistant, who is always putting out fires and covering up his scandals

Donna Elvira – played by MICHELLE DREVER and EMILY DYER REED – A #metoo Whistle Blowing actress who is always changing her name/appearance to get close to Giovanni to try to bring him down. She represents Don Giovannis PAST (think Ghost of Christmas Past)

Zerlina – played by JIYOUNG LEE and ALEXIS RAYMOND (Meagan Carlson, cover) – An actress working in the studio where Giovanni has his office and casting couch. She is working on a movie when DG discovers her. She represents Don Giovannis PRESENT

Masetto – played by ESTEBAN PEREZ-RIVAS and TONY MORESI (Shawn Taylor, cover) – The junior director at the studio who is in love with his leading actress, Zerlina

Donna Anna – played by AURICA AVONAIRES and CATHERINE KENNEY (Erika Nicole Altorre, cover) – An actress with whom Giovanni has worked closely with and starts having dreams and premonitions. The opening scene is a dream and he has dreams and daydreams throughout the opera when Anna, Ottavio, and the Commandatore are present. She represents Don Giovannis FUTURE and downfall

Don Ottavio – played by VINCENT MCPHERSON and GABRIEL PAREDES (Luke Norvell, cover) – The wuss he always is in Giovanni, except this time, he represents SAG-AFTA and is bent on bringing the philandering Giovanni down

Commandatore played by PATRICK BLACKWELL and PHIL MEYER (David Herrington, cover) – The most interesting change, in my opinion: he doesnt exist. The show is bookended with this dreamlike trance. It opens with DG in bed tossing and turning and Lep wakes him up after the death of Comm. He frequently appears in the studio throughout the show, upon which Giovanni freezes up, gets freaked out, or exists hastily. At the end, the statue is actually a wax figurine, amidst other extras as figurines and real celebrity cardboard cut-outs. He comes to life (like an Oscar statue guy on Hollywood and Highland) and Leporello really starts to see DG losing it. Lep never really believes that the wax figure is coming to life, but hes terrified that DG is losing his mind and he knows hes about to crack.

The set is broken in half – SL is Giovannis casting office, with a CS door leading to the Studio Set on SR.
Projections will be used on both sides of the stage as lights focus the audiences eyes between the scenes during changes.
The Act 1 Finale scene is set using the entire stage, with extras as catering waiters, PAs, etc (if you have any non-singing friends or family that would like to be in the show, we will need lots of supernumeraries/extras for this one).
The set never changes and all scenes have been modified to either be in Giovannis office, the studio, or an open, empty stage.

The orchestra is in the BACK of the stage with two monitors in the house for the singers to see. The conductor is in real-time.

Artistic Director, Dr. Joshua R. Wentz directs this modern production, with Brian Stone, of College of the Canyons, conducting. “The themes in ‘Don Giovanni’ are timeless, says Soprano Erika Nicole Alatorre, who will be covering the role of Donna Anna. “In every era and society, you can find someone without a moral compass, who abuses power to get what they want.” “In the wake of the famous #metoo movement, and arrest of Harvey Weinstein, this production just made sense,” said Wentz, of the updates he’s made to the show.

Don Giovanni will last 2 hours, with one 15-minute intermission. Snacks sold will benefit the Mission Opera Educational Outreach Initiative.

7:30 p.m. Friday, September 18 – Los Angeles Mission College
7:30 p.m. Saturday, September 19 – Los Angeles Mission College
2:00 p.m. Sunday, September 20 – Santa Clarita United Methodist Church

Dr. Joshua R. Wentz, stage director
Brian Stone, conductor
Alexa Constantine, musical director
Shawn Taylor, scenic designer
Issac Gonzalez, lighting designer
Erika Nicole Alatorre, props master
Johnny Phung, multimedia technician
Amy Ramirez, stage manager
Diane Le Moine, assistant stage manager
Brandon Coprich, costume designer

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