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Dancing Through Space With Winifred Haun
Dancing Through Space With Winifred Haun

Arts & Culture

Dancing Through Space With Winifred Haun

May 16th, 2021
Pleasant Home & Mills Park
Mills Park, Home Avenue, Oak Park, IL, USA

There’s something I’ve realized after speaking with a number of dance and theater companies on this podcast…. Musicians, like me, probably don’t think enough about the space in which their performance takes place. Sure, they might think about the size the of the stage, and how close they’ll be to the audience, or maybe to the bar. But I have to admit, if I was asked put on a performance outdoors without a stage, and where is almost necessary to incorporate the environment as part of the experience, I’m not sure I’d quite know how to go about it. I might have to ask my guest in this episode for advice.

Winifred Haun is a dancer, and instructor, and recipient of a 2015 MacArthur Foundation International Connections award. Winifred is very familiar with creating site specific performances. In fact, it’s kind of her specialty. Her dance company Winifred Haun Dancers will be returning to live outdoor performances this May 16th with an outdoor performance at Pleasant Home & Mills Park in the Chicago area. And even you can’t make that, be sure to visit their website Winifred Haun dot org, to get access to their channel on Vimeo where you watch videos that give you and inside look at the creative process of choreographing a performance of this kind. But first let’s hear from Winnie herself about what that process is. And… Musicians… pay attention!



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