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Creating a life and a living with Robin Clayfield



Join Robin Clayfield as she shares her story of choosing a Permaculture Lifestyle.

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Date: 10/28/2021

Start time: 19:00

End time: 21:00

Venue: Zoom

Address: , Gibsons, , V0N 1V5


Where to from here? Pathways forward, choices, options…

Social enterprise, right livelihood, money is not a dirty word.

If you were a tree, what would you need to nourish and ground you? Where would you plant yourself? How high could you reach? Who would be the forest around you?

Join Robin Clayfield as she shares her story of choosing a Permaculture Lifestyle. As you engage with her journey you will learn ways to create a life and living while applying Permaculture and living by the principles founded in nature’s design.

After this session, you will see that it is possible to create the life that you want while caring for the earth, others and the future generations to come!

Robin Clayfield is a Permaculture Pioneer and international educator, group facilitator, ceremony guide and best-selling author specialising in Social Permaculture, creative, interactive facilitation, teacher training and group leadership. She has lived and breathed Permaculture, Deep Ecology and social change for over 37 years. Robin has written books, a training manual and many kits, card games and resources to support educators, facilitators, group decision makers, Permaculture practitioners, activists and community workers from diverse industries and lifestyles.

She has lived at Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage in Queensland, Australia for over 32 years and consults and facilitates for focused groups, intentional communities, organisations, social enterprises and individuals globally. Robin supports people and groups who work for ‘the solution’ to be more effective, successful and empowered through harvesting solutions, fostering collaboration and using ‘Dynamic Group’ work and creative problem solving. &

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