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Come Together 5.0



A 2-day Psychedelic Rock Summer Solstice Festival at the Phoenix Shrine Auditorium June 18/19

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Event Details

Date: 06/18/2021

Start time: 18:00

End time: 23:59

Venue: The Phoenix Shrine Auditorium

Address: 552 N 40th St., Phoenix, AZ, 85008


The concept of Come Together 5.0 – “ROCKIN’ THE TEMPLE” is to bring together a fusion of Classic Rock and Psychedelic Rock to recreate a scene reminiscent of a Grateful Dead show in the late 80’s with CAMPING and VENDING along Shakedown Street; a Liquid Light Show brought in from the Bay Area by Mad Alchemy; and the MUSIC THAT NEVER STOPS!!!

A portion of the proceeds will go to Let’s Be Better Humans to help the less fortunate in the Valley. They’ve been a staple at our Come together events over the years and they consistently alleviate the needs of our fellow citizens on the streets.

We are bringing in the big guns of local audio/visual giants Latest Craze Productions to create a sound systems that will blow the doors off the Phoenix Shrine Auditorium

The lineups are insane. Each night starts out with killer Classic Rock bands covering a few of the following bands:

Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, The Band, CCR, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, The James Gang, The Beatles, Neville bros, JJ Cale, Rolling Stones, SRV, Allman Bros. Chuck Berry, Little Feat and more.

On FRIDAY, the show kicks off at 6:30pm with local Classic Rock with the legendary Scott Hallock Band. The Neumonics will take you on a long strange trip in an orbital fashion around a distant planet followed by three ultimate Dead Sets brought to you by The Noodles, Xtra Ticket & Friends.

On Saturday, local favorites Cloud Ten will mix it up with good ‘ole rock n’ roll followed by a solid set of Zeppelin. The Psychedelic portion of the evening consists of the Harvest and LA’s finest Dead Tribute Bands – Alligators (Playin’ VOODOO Pigpen tunes) and Cubensis – Recreating the Grateful Dead Experience.

DJ Nasty will be pumping out the Funk during the set breaks.

CAMPING ON SITE AVAILABLE both Friday and Saturday- first come, first serve. Register your RV’s with ahead of time. If you’re partying, pitch a tent or sleep in your vehicle.

Let’s give the Shrine Auditorium a reason to invite us back in the fall. Please clean up and please BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER.

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