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CITIZEN-SURGEON – Live Audiobook Presentation of Captain Paul Bryan Roach’s Afghanistan memoir



Healer in Hell

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Date: 05/31/2021

Start time: 12:00

End time: 13:00

Venue: CITIZEN-SURGEON - Live In-Person Audiobook Presentation

Address: HOTEL PETALUMA, Petaluma, CA, 94952


PETALUMA, CA (Apr. 20) WAR IS HELL. But its a walk in the park compared to sitting in a recording booth for eight hours a day, four days in a row. Those whove seen armed conflict generally agree: All bets are off when the first shot is fired. But when the Recording Engineer says, No. Try it again. This time with more feeling! thats when the metal of the toughest soldiers is truly tested. Ask Captain Paul Bryan Roach, author of CITIZEN-SOLDIER, a memoir. On Memorial Day weekend, 2021, Dr. Roach makes the 2,300-mile trek from the suburbs of Chicago to the agricultural hamlet of Petaluma to lay down the tracks for the audiobook story that front line captures his two tours as a military surgeon (NAVY) in Afghanistan and one tour in Iraq. Why Petaluma? The Sonoma County steer and chicken ranch region, once known as The Egg Basket of the World, is gaining a reputation as the place to go for authors in pursuit of producing emotionally provocative audiobooks. And the first stop on the visit: SQUEAKY CHEESE PRODUCTIONS in East Petaluma. Home to Solo, Duet, and Dual Narration audiobooks that, the company says, are On the cutting wedge!

Says author Paul Bryan Roach, My memoir, Citizen-Surgeon, takes readers into the otherwise inaccessible, remote, and intense world of life and surgery within a combat zone. But when I first sat down to narrate my own book at a studio in Chicago, and the results were, well, what youd expect if youd never narrated your own book full of stops, starts, and a lot of background noise I knew I had to put this project into the hands of the pros. So I called the producers at Squeaky Cheese. Squeaky Cheese Productions, which has been producing audiobooks in Petaluma since 2018, tapping the producing and narration talents of Kendra Murray and Ralph Scott, formerly of the Petaluma Radio Players, and scoring high reviews in industry pillars like AUDIOFILE Magazine, was delighted to take on the assignment. Though, says company partner, Kendra Murray, weve never really seen action outside of the excitement and intrigue, and occasional danger our author clients embed in their stories.

CITIZEN-SURGEON doesnt spare danger. The story is set against the backdrop of the US.-led war in Afghanistan, amidst a defining U.S. Marine Corps offensive to conquer the Marjah region of Helmand Province. Thats where (then) U.S. Navy Commander Paul Roach and his company-mates assemble and congeal as a medical unit transported from SoCal to tents in Dasht-e-Margo a.k.a. the Desert of Death in the south of Afghanistan, and professionally execute their role as one of the few medical and surgical companies supporting the major military offensive. Once produced, the audiobook will be distributed through major U.S. audiobook distributor BLACKSTONE AUDIO of Ashland, Oregon.

Captain Roachs visit to Petaluma during Memorial Day weekend includes a one-hour exploration of his personal experience as a combat surgeon from (12 p.m.-1p.m.) in the foyer of Hotel Petaluma. Guests who reserve their FREE tickets at (CITIZEN-SURGEON) are invited to the Petaluma Military Antiques and Museum for a meet-n-greet with the author immediately after the presentation. During a raffle at the Museum, one lucky audience member will win personal stationery used by 5-star General Omar Bradley.

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