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06/26/2021 00:00

Overall GodMova Adriana Ohana Proudly presents: CAPCOM VS MARVEL KIKI BALL

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Event Details

Date: 06/26/2021 00:00

Start time: 18:00

End time: 01:30

Venue: Eaton DC

Address: 1201 K Street NW, Washington, DC, 20005


June 25th | Doors open @ 7PM
Ball starts @ 8PM
Eaton – 1201 k St nw (2nd Floor)
Tickets: $15 online / $20 Door.

0TA Realness : $1000.000

As we crown new $1,000 realness in the DMV, it will not be an easy task. If you real, you can be real in anything correct. ? Tonight , pick any super hero from marvel or Capcom,and bring it to LIFE with a production that represents either you are Team Marvel Or Team Capcom. No Lackluster Looks, will be judged on your overall look for 10 including your realness

OTA Runway : $500.00 / With A $10.00 Pot.

X-Men have always been extraordinary and the super heros to BEAT. Tonight, bring us some of my favorite X-Men super heros to life with a SICKENING EFFECT that screams OVAH , and WALK that can beat any VILLAIN.

1.All-American : Cyclops , Nightcrawler or Wolverine
2.Female Figure : Polaris , Rogue , or Jean Grey ( Phoenix )
3.BQ European: Professor X , Magneto or Gambit
4.Legends/Icons : Storm, Jubilee or Juggernaut

OTA Performance : $500 With A $10.00 Pot

Tonight you have entered into the ULTIMATE tournament , and you must BATTLE to save your LIFE. However, the task will not be easy. You will be must bring to LIFE the chosen Capcom super hero that has been picked for your selected performance category.

Female Figures
Women : Cammy
Fem Queens : Chun-Li
Drags : Jill Valentine

Realness With Twist : Ryu

BQ Vogue Fem : Dhalsim

Legends/Icons : Akuma

Best Dress : $500.00 / With A $10.00

You have assigned a mission to go and spy on the Kingdom Of Wakanda , and bring back information on the Kingdom vibranium . King TChalla is hosting his annual festivities. You must blend in with the civilians of Wakanda , so bring us a HIGH FASHION look that will not get you clocked , and sent to the council of Wakanda.

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