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BPT Demo #2 – Multiple Day Event



This is a multiple day, multiple priced event.

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Event Details

Date: 05/01/2029

Start time: 20:00

End time: 22:00

Venue: Brown Paper Tickets

Address: 220 Nickerson Street, Seattle, WA, 98103


This is a multiple day, multiple price event demo.
You can see how it all works from the producer’s side (account page).

WARNING! Do not finish order as the system will charge your card! This is for example only.

You will noticed various show dates for this event, as well as various prices based on date. For this demo we’ve added opening night, closing night, Sunday Matinees, Student/Senior, Member, and General Public prices. Member prices are protected by the “demo” discount code.

We’ve also employed the Max Sales field here for dates and most prices. Sales end, respectively, when the number of tickets sold reaches the Max Sales number. The difference being which one is set. Some events will choose to use both, though most only need the Date Max Sales set. Usually for venue capacity.

For this demo, we’ve set all Date Max Sales to 100; therefore no date can sell more than the alloted amount, keeping us in our capacity limits for the venue. You’ll notice on the days there are various prices levels, they each have Max Sales numbers set. No matter what the Price Max Sales numbers are set to, even altogether, they will never go beyond what the Date Max Sales are set to.

For this reason, you need to be careful on what you set your Price Max Sales to. In this demo, if we sell all our Member tickets, we can only sell a total of 75 more for that date. If we sell all our General tickets, then the sales will end for that date.

Finally, for events that run over longer than one week, you will be paid out every week starting after the first event date has passed.

Refund Policy

Shomee's general policy is to allow customers to request full or partial refunds up to 14 days after order completion, and must provide a reason for the refund request. Sellers (the event creator) can also specify their own terms. Refunds are not guaranteed.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

An event ticket, booking, or other virtual product purchase is considered a completed order at the time of purchase. Physical orders are considered completed when the product has been shipped. Sellers (the event creator) may also define their own terms related to cancellation and reschedules of events and booking engagements due to COVID-19 impacts, low enrollment, inclement weather, or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable.


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