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Artist Spotlight: Rhythm Shaw, child guitar prodigy who’s first album broke the charts in Germany
Artist Spotlight: Rhythm Shaw, child guitar prodigy who’s first album broke the charts in Germany

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Artist Spotlight: Rhythm Shaw, child guitar prodigy who’s first album broke the charts in Germany

The musical journey of a child prodigy who started playing guitar when most kids are playing with toys.

Rhythm Shaw started learning guitar at the age of 2 from his father. A single-minded artist, aiming to perpetually progress his skills, he has since been practicing on the guitar upwards of 14 hours a day starting from age 8. Today, the 21 year old guitarist has garnered substantial national television coverage, as well as phenomenal feedback from his audiences throughout the world, and he was nominated for the Independent Music Award for Best Song in the Adult Contemporary category. His allure has enchanted and enthralled audiences worldwide, with his first album being one of the highest grossing CDs in Germany.

Rhythm’s artistic development has been supplemented massively with collaborations with the an extraordinaire caliber of musicians that have been a part of it. Legendary Indian Classical and Film Composers like A.R. Rahman, Gino Banks and Zakir Hussain, who for generations to come would passively shape music, in its techniques and theoretical interpretations, have actively moulded this prodigious virtuoso to be the best one can be at their instrument. His nuanced understanding of his instrument coupled with a prodigious technical proficiency has him presently at the acme of musicality with styles ranging from jazz, metal, and progressive rock to the massive experimental soundscapes in between.

In an interview from 2019, Rhythm walks us through his journey.

It all started because I come from a musical family and I didn’t have to make a decision at that point in time; my toys were guitars which would be lying around on the sofa, beds… and I would beat the hell out of them! That’s how it started. My dad named me Rhythm because he believes that in music rhythm is more important than melody because it’s okay if you mess up melodies but if you don’t have rhythm, it just doesn’t gel. He wanted me to learn the tabla because it is the most intricate percussive instrument on which you learn counting, rhythm, patterns…. Once you have that, add melody. This is the reason I connect — on stage — most to drummers. And then I got more influenced and got into guitars while I stopped practicing the tabla. Well, not stopped completely but the guitar has become my main instrument.

Now based in Mumbai, Rhythm Shaw is definitely a name, that is soon to be synonymous with an outstanding experience for audiences that pride themselves as patrons of the finest arts, across a spectrum of sounds.

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