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Who would possibly think to start a new venture during a time when businesses are in lockdown, and entertainment venues are closing their doors?

I did! My name is Vinay Kumar. I’m the founder of Shomee, and a performing musician (that’s me in the photo on the far left). I launched Shomee in 2019 as a blog site and brand affiliate for LivingSocial, Brown Paper Tickets, TicketNetwork, and others. When lockdowns started, I saw a way to help event creators of every kind to re-invent themselves, and found my calling to do something about keeping entertainment and cultural experiences alive.

Fast forward to today…

I, along with a small, hard-working team, have built an entirely new platform for discovery of concerts, events, classes, and cultural experiences, both virtual and in-person. Our service caters to event organizers, venues, artists, influencers, and personal coaches as a marketing channel for events tickets and product sales.

From the start, our vision was to create a place for inspiration to try new things, devoid of irrelevant ads, and completely independent in its editorial content. And in doing so, we’d be doing our part to help revitalize our economy starting at the local level. Why would anyone try to operate a discovery platform any other way?

I hope you’ll join us and become a part of our seller community!

– Vinay Kathuria

Vinay Kathuria talks to California State University Fullerton’s Center for Entrepreneurship about starting a business during the time of pandemic, and his vision for Shomee.