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2021 WCFF, Series 8



2021 WCFF, Series 8

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Event Details

Date: 10/16/2021

Start time: 20:30

End time: 22:30

Venue: Cinema Village Theater

Address: 22 East 12th Street & University Place, New York, NY, 10003


2021 WCFF Series 8

Saturday, October 16
8:30 to 10:30 pm
Cinema Village Theater
22 East 12th Street & University Place

“Ad Memoriam Rei Perpetuam”
Dr. Maurico De la Maza, Producer & Director
Christopher J. Gervais, FRGS Director & Editor
68 minutes
Country: Mexico
USA Premiere

“California Condor”
Guadalupe Bravo Vinaja, Producer
Miguel Ángel Sicilia, Director
Rodolfo Juárez, & Pablo García Saldaña; Director of Photography
3 minutes
Country: Mexico
World Premiere

“Playón Chico”
Skyler Knutzen, Producer & Director
Diwi Valiente, Executive Producer
7 minutes
Country: Panama
World Premiere

* Additional Films TBA

* Panel discussion, Q&A with the filmmakers: Dr. Maurcio De La Maza, Skyler Knutzen, Christopher J. Gervais, FRGS & TBA

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) is the first and only film festival dedicated to inform, engage and inspire the protection of wildlife and global biodiversity.

Join us in 2021 to celebrate our 11th YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Over 100 documentary films will be screened, representing over 40 nations, many world premieres. Film producers and scientists in attendance from over 30 countries.

Please arrive ten minutes prior to the start of the program. Seats that are not filled at that time may be may be released and sold to a waiting list.

Schedule of films and speakers will be finalized in August. This is subject to change prior to and during the film festival.

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